I’ve been wanting to do this article here for a while. As you may know, I work for the Etsy site, where I also have a magic and esoteric shop for which I have worked a lot and which now works very well. Thanks to Adwords campaigns, I was able to increase traffic on my pages and improve my performance. To launch an adwords campaign on your site, contact

Often, when I meet designers, I am asked for my advice to open an Etsy store and get noticed. It must be said that with hundreds of thousands of talented creators around the world, we can have the impression that we will go unnoticed. However, it is quite possible to stand out, but it is essential to get a minimum of information to get off to a good start.

Prerequisites – Don’t think it’s a magic solution!

I think that’s my advice number one: succeeding requires work. I feel like I’m breaking down an open door with an overweight elephant when I say that, but unfortunately I have the impression that some people think that putting their creations on sale on Etsy (or any other online sales site) is enough! Customers will flock and recognize their incredible talent without having to demonstrate it or make any effort. Unfortunately – as with just about everything in life – it doesn’t work that way. I’m sorry, but if you want to succeed, you’ll have to work, learn new things and sometimes question yourself. But with motivation, it’s possible! It all depends on the energy you want to put into it!

1 – Make sure you are visible in the search

On the Internet, when you search for something, I guess you do a search on Google or another search engine and look at the results to find the one that best matches your query, right? And of course Etsy, people do exactly the same thing ! your number one mission is to make sure that your creations can appear in the search.

Your objective

Know how to appear in search results on the keywords that interest you.

How can this be achieved?

First, find out how the research works. Roughly speaking, all search engines on the web try to have the most relevant results, those that will most satisfy the people who do the search (logical, no?). The criteria may change and the results may vary from day to day, but some things are certain, such as the fact that search engines scan websites to find out what each page is about.

On Etsy, the most important parts are the title of your product sheet, the first lines of your description and your tags. If your creation – let’s say magic wands inspired by Harry Potter – is named on the site “Harry” (because it’s prettier), that you didn’t put tags and that your description is limited to “handmade”, you unfortunately have everything wrong! You do not give search engines any hints here to know what your product is. The poor robot is unable to match your magic wand with the buyers’ searches and you will NEVER appear in the search results.

My advice: first list the terms that your potential buyers could type in a search engine in a very, very broad way, identify those that interest you the most: “harry potter”, “magic wand”, “magic”, “wizard”… for example. Then, all you have to do is insert these words and expressions into your titles, the beginning of the description and your tags (which can contain several words).

2- Do not leave the shadow of a doubt about what your product and service is

After the picture comes the writing. When I’m on Etsy looking for a product, once I’ve entered my search and I’m seduced in the results by a pretty picture, I click to find out more. In short, I want to know what I’m buying and for that reason, once I’ve looked at all the photos and I like what I see, I read the description. If it is 2 lines long, I often stay hungry and if I don’t have the answers to my questions, I go back to the search results. I sometimes contact the seller to ask for more information, if I can’t find it in the product sheet, but it’s very rare.

Your objective

Answer all possible questions without losing the buyers in too technical details.

How can this be achieved?

In your descriptions, put everything I need to know, as a buyer, i.e. all the answers to my potential answers, but not in any order!

My advice: start in the first 2 lines by re-explaining what your product is by inserting keywords (see step 1) because it will be useful to be better referenced in Google. Yes, it’s redundant with the title, but it never hurts.
Then make your buyers dream with a little story about your product, its creation,… because that’s what makes the difference between your creations and those of the mass distribution. In handmade buying, there is an emotional side, don’t forget to satisfy it. No need to make boxes, 4 or 5 lines are enough in my opinion.
Finally, go to the practical information and there, be pragmatic and make it easier to find information: use a bulleted list, use capital letters to identify the titles of the different parts and dash lines to separate the parts. This way, buyers can quickly scan your content and only focus on the parts that interest them.

3 – Stay consistent in your product line

Another thing I love doing when I come across a great product on Etsy is to visit the entire store, to see the rest! I am always curious to see the whole creation. I like it when there are a lot of products (not 2 or 3 that fight in a duel), when the products are consistent together, when all the photos go well together. Why? Why? Because it reinforces my idea that the creator is a pro, that I won’t have any surprises with him (bad, I mean). It may be silly, but that’s the impression I have.

Your objective
Stay consistent while testing new things

How can this be achieved?
Define its target, i.e. who your shop is aimed at: you can sell different products if they are aimed at the same types of people. When I say type, it can be people who have the same age, the same interest, the same values… Define in detail your ideal customer and do not try to make different creations to please as many people as possible. Everyone may be confused.

And more concretely, make sure that your product thumbnails, your banner, your avatar and the photos on your About page form a harmonious whole that conveys your values and speaks to your ideal customer.
That’s it, so this article is super long! But I think I’ve gone through the basics at least.
If I had to add only one thing, it is that wanting to live from your passion is an everyday job, you have to question yourself, test new things, never rest on your achievements, launch new products, get people talking about you, but it’s worth it! And in the most difficult moments, don’t be shy, get in touch with other creators in your region.